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Deja Vu by Hannah Gill and The Hours | Footnote Records 2017

The Water by Hannah Gill and The Hours | Footnote Records 2016

First listen of our new track "Deja Vu" via Baeble Music:


With disco-infused pop sounds and captivating low-register vocals often unheard in modern pop music, Hannah Gill and the Hours might just cause time itself to stand still.

Hannah Gill and the Hours, steered by 20-year-old vocalist Hannah Gill and guitarist Brad Hammonds, has a wide array of successes under their belt: they’ve completed a national tour, released the explosively successful “The Water” EP with exposure in The New York Times and NPR, and have garnered over 2 million YouTube views.

Yet on the road home after their national tour, Gill and Hammonds were stumped by one question they kept asking themselves: What’s the next move? How do they continue to expand and grow in the music creation process?

Their answer, they decided, was to completely recalibrate and experiment with new styles. During a creative session, Gill, described by Hammonds as the “quiet badass in the room,” switched gears and laid down a disco-like melody. In that very moment, Gill and Hammonds knew this new, unique sound was worth pursuing.  They discovered a pop sound heavily infused with disco, as Gill has “always been a fan of disco… and its elements have consciously weaseled their way into the music.” She describes the sound as a new-age take on disco music.

On December 6th 2017, Hannah Gill and the Hours  release their first single from their new  EP “ De Ja Vu.” Gill describes the music as being about moments with people that you can’t quite capture in words at the time, but looking back are often even more vivid and clear. The music is not only a disco-infused pop style but a melting pot of many influenced sounds. Because of this unique blend, each new listen brings a discovery of new layers as the music uncover itself.